Template for Submitting Abstracts in LaTeX Format

Download file "abstractExample.tex"
%This is an abstract template for inclusion in the abstract.tex file for PNWMAA meeting program
%Standard LaTeX (including AMS-LaTeX commands are allowed.
%Abstract format is as follows:
%{First Author Name, FA Institution\presenter\\Second Author Name, SA Institution\\etc.} 
%{Paper Title}
%{Text of the paper abstract}
%Remark: in the author line \presenter, \gradstudent, and \undergrad denote the appropriate role. Multiple roles are allowed.
%Two examples follow:

%{Bill Pompous, Big U\\Sherry Professional, Private College\presenter}
%{Partial Homomorphisms of Deflators}
%{A very important talk with lots of deep results.}

{Bill Pompous, Big U\presenter\\Sherry Professional, Private College\\Gary B. Gradstudent, Big U\gradstudent\\Kerry Sophomore, Private College\undergrad}
{How to conduct research with graduate and undergraduate students}
{In this talk we introduce several strategies for including students in faculty research projects.  We discuss the relative success and merits of each of these strategies, as well as outline several successful projects that have been tried in the past.}

%Please name your file using the presenters last name; if the presenter is submitting more than one abstract, enumerate, as in: 
%Professional.tex and Professional2.tex