ME 421 Failure Analysis, Fall 2013

No textbook will be required - other than the one purchased from the copy center.

Textbook: Purchase for about $10 from the Copy Center in the basement of BC

Assignment Given Due Description  
1 8/28 9/4    
2 9/4 9/11    
3 9/11 9/18    
4 9/19 9/25    
5 9/25 10/2    
6 10/2 10/9    
7 10/9 10/23    
8 10/23 10/30    
  10/31 11/6    
9 11/7 11/13    
10 11/13 11/20    

Latest on the Vasa (posted February 2015)

FINAL PROJECT: presentations and final report due soon (TBD)

Project report due approximately November 27.
Project Description

Blank Data Sheets (PDF)
How to take high quality photos for reports

Microscopy Links: How to Suggestions
Simulation Links: Cornell University Fracture Group
Materials Data Base:  MatWeb
Murphy's Law (the origin)

Class Notes - Overheads
Chapter 2 - Historical Perspectives (PDF)

Links of Historical Technical Accidents

Note: some of these links are of excellent quality, others are not.
National Transportation Safety Board  (transportation accidents)

Railroad Accidents:
Historic Railway Accidents

Airline Accidents:
FAA Lessons Learned
NTSB Reports
De Havilland Comet
Comet Summary

Aerospace Accidents:
NASA Apollo 1 Mission
Apollo 13 Accident
Apollo 13 Review Board Report
Challenger - Presidential Commission Report
Challenger - Rogers Commission
JPL Endeavour Report (Hubble)
PBS Hubble info
About Hubble
Space Telescope Science Institute
HST News
Columbia Accident Investigation Report

Astronaut Memorial
Memorial with information about the accidents

Shipping Failures
Titanic Metallurgy
Project Liberty Ship (W.W. II Ships)
USS Scorpion and Thresher

Structural Accidents:
MGM Grand Report on the 1980 Fire
Tacoma Narrows Today
Tacoma Narrows Bridge

Industrial and Nuclear
Chernobyl (Dr. Meshkati)
Three Mile Island
Union Carbide - Bhopal, India

Other Sites of Accidents:
Exponent  (includes Titanic, Exxon Valdez, others)
Disaster City  (several infamous events)