EGR 491 Telescope Design, Fall 2019

Syllabi: EGR491, EGR591
ME Student Reference page

Southern sky in 20,000 BC
Southern Sky Sketching

FINAL EXAM: 1030-1230 Tue, Dec 10
Student Created Questions (many, but not all questions may be from this list)

Week HW
HW due Notes for class Presentations, etc. Comments
1 HW 1 - observing 9/3 (web search) and 9/5 (everything else)

Rapid Learning Cycles (RLC) in the Design Process
Lean "Manufacturing" (not to be applied in this class, but for background context to RLC)
Katherine Radeka's RLC slides
RLC Notes

Semester Presentation Schedule
Presentation Performance Descriptors
2 HW 2 - telescope options
9/10   Big Bang Cosmology (Lulay)
Structure of the Universe (Lulay)
3 HW 3 - Design Project, TED talks, etc.
WorldWide Telescope
Tuesday 9/17 Lights Out Portland
Rose City Astronomers
Telescope 1 Teams

Structure of Solar System (Lulay)
Our Sun (Wu)

MakerSpace Training
4 HW 4 - Design and fabricate Tuesday 9/24 Optics, Part 1 Earth's Moon (Lulay), Google Earth/Moon side-by-side
Inner Planets (Wilde)
New comet

9/24 Mars (Silva)

6 HW 5 - Design of Functioning Telescope Tuesday 10/8 Optics, Part 2 10/1 Dwarf Planets, et al. (Tanner)
10/3 Jupiter, et al. (Chan-Jones)
7 HW 6 brightness and size Tues 10/29 Opticss, Part 3
Telescope Specifications
10/8 Saturn, its moons (Helbling)
10/8 - Lulay to give a quick intro of deep sky objects &Messier
10/10 Star birth regions (Smith, Lillia)
8       10/22 Dark nebulae (Lulay)
10/24 In the optics lab, SH 3rd floor, "commons side"
9 HW 7 Eyepieces 11/5   10/29 Globular Clusters (Smith, Kellyn)
10/29 Planetary nebulae (Szto)
10/31 Supernovae remnants (Weyland)
10 HW 8 - optics, etc. 11/12 EM Spectra (.docx)
EM Spectra (pdf)
11/5 Galaxies (Henderson)
11/7 "Star like" objects (Lulay)
11 HW 9 - the night sky
11/21 - this assignment is pretty long Matt's EM Spectra Presenation (pptx) 11/12 Orbiting telescopes (Klem)
11/14 Adaptive optics (Cherry)
12 HW 10 - final exam questions 12/3 Atomic Spectroscopy
Human Eye
11/19 Array telescopes (Ledbetter)
11/21 Solar telescopes (Fritz)
13 Design Report requirements 12/5
FINAL EXAM: 1030-1230 Tue, Dec 10
11/26 James Webb Space Telescope (Haney)
12/3 LIGO - (Lulay) Sound of neutron stars colliding
12/6 Astrology (Lulay)
12/6 Star of Bethlehem (Lulay)

UP Library Books (in the stacks, not on reserve)

Moon times

ATM (Amateur Telescope Making) Resources
Agena AstroProducts (mirrors, etc.)
JMI (mirrors, etc.)
Dobson telescope example plans
A few ATM resources
Home-built finders
Surplus Shed (lenses, gears, electronics)

"Invisible Universe Revealed" This is a 53 minute video on the Hubble Space Telescope.

Telescope links:
Mel Martels (tons of information!)
Mel's input on aperature, mangification, exit pupil
Don Pechham, Don's RCA scope, more from Don
2010 Oregon Star Party (OSP) walkabout (including my folding scope)
2007 OSP walkabout (including my 12.5" string scope)
More info on my 12.5" string telescope (has been revised a few times since these photos were taken)

A moving comet

Oregon Light Polution Map

Star Party Info
Regional US star parties
Oregon region star parties