ME 328- Machine Design, Spring 2020

ME328; ME328H
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Upcoming agenda: for tentative schedule, see: semester lecture schedule


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CLASS NOTES, etc. (click here)

PENDING Work (this will be updated as new assingments are given)

PENDING Description Due Date Comments
Homework HW 7 - vibs 2, fatigue I March 20  
Project task Peer eval

Feb 28

Unanonomous peer eval: info sent via CATME on 2/26PM
Upcoming Quiz Quiz 4b Mon, 3/23PM, 5 minutes Qz 4b: hw 7
Additional exam study aids Exam 2: hw 5&6&7 March 25 (Weds) "Study Guide" 2020 Ex 2, 2019 Exam 2, 2020 Quiz 3 - soln
Exam schedule Exam 2: hw 5&6&7 March 25 (Weds) exam 3: March 27?? (hw 7&8); exam 4?? Apr 15 or 17 (hw 9&10) TBD

TABLE OF SEMESTER ASSIGNEMENTS (this will grow as the semester proceeds)

HW HW Due Comments HW Solutions
hw 1 - review 1/22/2020   hw 1, prob 1 soln
hw 1 soln
hw 2 - failure theories, power xmission
Textbook problems
beam deflection charts
1/29/2020 For help on failure theories, see ME304 notes and hw 5. There are also helpful links on the ME328 CLASS NOTES page; Shigley CH 5
For deflection problems - see Shigley CH 4
For power xmission (will be discussed in class) - see Shigley CH 18.2
Excel: Format for Excel problem submission, see CLASS NOTES for Excel help
hw 2 soln
prob 4, FEA printout
FEA script
hw 3 - stress concentrations
FEA: Sigma-X-hole
FEA: von Mises - hole
FEA: Sigma-X-fillet
FEA: von Mises - fillet
2/5/2020 Stress concentration intro: Ch 3.13
See Ch 19 for discussion of FEA and stress concentrations
ANSYS Scripts for prob 1 just in case you want to use them (not required)
Center Hole, Fillet
Script for problem 4
ANSYS post-processing GUI screen (how to plot x-direction stress): click here
ANSYS color scale adjustment:
hw 3 soln
hw 3 - FEA printout
hw 4 - Hertzian contact & The Gods Must be Crazy 2/12/2020   hw 4 soln
Assgn 5 - impact 2/21   hw 5 soln
Assgn 6 - vibrations I 2/28   hw 6 soln
HW 7 - vibs 2, fatigue I 3/20    
The following dates are tentative      
HW 8 - fatigue II, etc.
Exact Constraints
HW 9 Fasteners I
HW 10 Fasteners II 4/15    
HW 11 - components 4/24    

PROJECT information and "assignments":

Gear Ratio Test Information. Teams may use either or both of these sets of TEST DATA (you must do your own analysis) - but GIVE CREDIT (reference) appropriately
Team A9
Team B9

Information and assignments Due
Project description n/a
Problem Statements  
Knowledge Gaps for Phase 1 (pdf)
Knowledge Gaps for Phase 1 (.docx)
Project resources (stuff you'll need) n/a
Teams: Section A Section B n/a
Project background (DID 1) 1/29
Criteria (DID 2) 2/3
Team plan (DID 3) 2/12
All future DIDs are up to the team to schedule. There should be at least one DID submitted each week for most of the semester.  
Example Test Plan
Example test report
Details for "transmission" DID  
First peer evaluation 2/28
Second peer evaluation 3/25
Third (final) peer evaluation 4/24
Final report 4/22

ICA - Artifact Box information

Exam # Study aids
exam 1 2019 Exam 1, 2020 exam 1 study guide, 2020 Quiz 1 solution, 2020 Quiz 2 solution
exam 2 2019 Exam 2, 2020 Quiz 3 - soln, 1/2-Qz 4a, Qz 4a SOLUTION
exam 3  
exam 4  

A little levity:

Moma Bear Polar Bears in penguin cloths Dog Engineers Project Vocabulary Design Criteria??? Yogi on planning Bulls Dino
Far Side Units Noah's Arc Cat in the Window Experimentation Eat like kings Skunk Works School of the Gifted Wondering Eyes
Full brain              

History "Archive" (links posted earlier in the semester in the "pending" table)
The Great Molasses Flood, Boston, January 15, 1919
How to move Churches in Romania

Design goods/not so goods:
Traffic Sign What does it mean?
Falkirk Wheel
Intentional SpaceX explosion

Videos for HW 11:

(1 min) Driveline vibration
(2.6 min) U-Joint
(0.5 min) How a CV joint works (contant velocity)
(not a video) Harmonic balancer (automotive)

Videos for various assignments:

(5 min) How spring are made:
(1.5 min)Valve spring surge (float):

Pneumatic valve springs:

(6 min) Tapered roller bearings installation: dead link
(5 min) Bearing design (general): dead link
(5 min)– Making of ball bearings
(1 min) - hydrodynamic journal bearing: dead link

(15 sec) “Seeing” stresses in gears:
(5min) How Gears are made:
(5 min) How an automatic xmission works:
(3 min) How a synchromesh works:
(1.5 min) What is a differential:
(3 min) Torque converter:
(5 min) “Out of the box” gears:

Wire Rope:
(5 min) Steel rope, how it’s made:

(2 min) Braking system:
(2.4 min) Antilock Braking System (ABS):

Mechanical Engineering Student Reference Materials

Excel, Matlab (or similar) h/w Requirements
Format for Excel problem submission

Descriptions for Project Management:
Mechanical Engineering Student Reference Materials

Examples of Engineering Drawing
Mechanical Engineering Student Reference Materials

Some hopefully usefull links.

Standards, etc.
US Patent Search

On-line sources:
ASM Handbooks, on-line
Knovel Items (online textbooks, such as Roark's Forumulas for Stress and Strain)

Vibration: Applet
Baseball hitting bat

Machine Design Links:
Global Spec (source of for links to many manufacturer webs
Power Transmission info
Product Design
Penton (basic machine design help)
American Gear Manufacturers Association
Power Transmission (gears, etc.)
SKF Bearings
Torrington Co.  
Thomas Register
How Stuff Works

Motors and Gear Motor Links
Basic Training, Electric Motors (Leeson)