Kenneth E. Lulay, Ph.D., P.E.
Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering, University of Portland

Areas of Expertise:
    Manufacturing processes (fabrication and assembly of aluminum, titanium, and composites)
    Nondestructive inspection and testing (ultrasonic, infrared thermography)
    Failure analysis
    Data acquisition and analysis
    Finite Element Analysis
    Design of Experiments
    Materials science and mechanics of materials

Professional Experience
     University of Portland , Portland, Oregon; (Assistant Prof. 1998-2004, Associate Prof. 2004-Present)
     The Boeing Company, Seattle, Washington (Manufacturing R&D Engineer)
          Assembly Technology, Commercial Airplanes Group; 1995-1998
          Nondestructive Evaluation R&D, Commercial Airplanes Group; 1994-1995
          Measurement & Test Development, Defense & Space Group; 1990-1994
     Hyster Company, Portland, Oregon (Design Engineer); 1984-1987

   University of Washington, Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, June 1990.
       Dissertation:  The Effect of Cooling on the Flow Strength of Metal Matrix Composites
       Funding:  Alcan International Ltd.
      Advisor:  Professor Minoru Taya
  University of Portland, M.S., Mechanical Engineering, May 1987
  University of Portland, B.S., Mechanical Engineering, May 1984

   Licensed Professional Engineer, Washington State
   U.S. Patent 6,014,804; Low voltage electromagnetic process and apparatus for controlled riveting (Lulay and Kostenick).  Nominated for the The Boeing Company 1999 Special Invention Award for demonstrating Technical Excellence and Significant Value.
   U.S. Patent 6,176,000; Low voltage electromagnetic process for controlled riveting (Lulay and Kostenick)
   U.S. Patent 6,446,319; Low voltage electromatnetic process and apparatus for controlled riveting (Lulay and Kostenick).
   Member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

Publications, Proceeding, etc.

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REPORTS (Boeing)

K. Lulay, Computer Modeling to Determine Optimal Laser Energy and Travel Speed for Defect Detection in Diffusion Bonded Titanium, Report for The Boeing Company, April 2000.

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K. Lulay, Gap Mitigation for Low Voltage Electromagnetic Riveting, Metals Technology Exchange Seminar, 1997.

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