“It seems to me that the poet has only to perceive that which others do not perceive, to look deeper than others look.  And the mathematician must do the same thing.”

--Sofya Kovalevskaya

looking deeper, Mt. Bachelor

Modeling Infectious Diseases on Networks


Seibold, C.* and Callender, H.L. 2016. Modeling Epidemics on a Regular Tree Graph. Letters in Biomathematics. 3(1) 59-74.

Winfried Just, Hannah Callender, M. Drew LaMar, and Natalia Toporikova (2015); Transmission of infectious diseases: Data, models, and simulations. In Raina Robeva (ed.), Algebraic and Discrete Mathematical Methods for Modern Biology, Academic Press, 193-215.

Winfried Just, Hannah Callender, and M. Drew LaMar (2015); Disease transmission dynamics on networks: Network structure vs. disease dynamics. In: Raina Robeva (ed.), Algebraic and Discrete Mathematical Methods for Modern Biology, Academic Press, 217-235.


Graham, T., Seibold, C., Driessen, R., Callender, H. L. Modeling Infectious Diseases through Contact Networks, University of Portland Summer Research Symposium, Portland, Oregon.

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Link to our software: https://qubeshub.org/resources/iontw

Link to our materials: https://qubeshub.org/groups/iontw/iontwmodules

Alternate link to our materials and software: http://www.ohio.edu/people/just/IONTW/

Modeling Violence Prevention on College Campuses


Kendrick, P.*, Apenyo, T.*, Callender, H. L. An Agent-based Model of the Green Dot Violence Prevention Program on College Campuses, Joint Mathematics Meetings, Seattle Washington.

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Biomathematics Education


Eaton, C. and Callender, H.L. The Case for Biocalculus: Design, Retention, and Student Performance. Under Revision.

Eaton, C. D., Callender, H. L., Dahlquist, K. D., LaMar, M. D., Ledder, G., Schugart, R. C. A “Rule of Five" Framework for Models and Modeling to Unify Mathematicians and Biologists and Improve Student Learning. Submitted.

Physical Activity Measurement


Peach, D.*, Van Hoomissen, J., Callender, H. L. 2014. Exploring the ActiLife® filtration algorithm: converting raw acceleration data to counts. Physiol. Meas. 35(12) 2359-2367.


Cellular Motility


Biegel, H.*, Quackenbush, A.*, Callender, H. L. Sensitivity Analysis for Stochastic and Deterministic Models of Nascent Focal Adhesion Dynamics. Submitted.

Blucher, A.*, Salas, M.*, Williams, N.*, Callender, H. L. 2014. Mathematical Modeling of Integrin Dynamics in Initial Formation of Focal Adhesions. Involve, a Journal of Mathematics. 7(4) 509-527. http://msp.org/involve/2014/7-4/involve-v7-n4-p05-s.pdf


Biegel, H.*, Quackenbush, A.*, Callender, H. L. Sensitivity Analysis of Stochastic Models of Integrin Signaling in Cellular Motility, University of Portland Founder's Day, Portland, Oregon.

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Biegel, H.*, Quackenbush, A.*, Callender, H. L. Implications of Multiple Sensitivity Analysis Techniques in Stochastic Models of Focal Adhesion Dynamics, Micro and Macro Systems in Life Sciences, Będlewo, Poland.

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Cellular Signaling Pathways


Callender, H. L. and Horn, M. A. 2010. Mathematical modelling and analysis of cellular signalling in macrophages. J. Biol. Dynamics. 4 (1) 12-27. http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/17513750903026437#.UuhbQXfTmHQ

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Callender, H. L. 2007. Mathematical Modeling of Species-Specific Diacylglycerol Dynamics in the RAW 264.7 Macropages Following P2Y6 Receptor Activation by Uridine 5-Diphosphate. Ph.D. Thesis, Vanderbilt University. http://etd.library.vanderbilt.edu/ETD-db/available/etd-06212007-223551/

Undergraduate Research


Callender, H. L., Solazzo, J. P., Wilcox, E. 2014. Undergraduate Research as a Capstone Requirement. Involve, a Journal of Mathematics. 7(3) 273-279. http://msp.org/involve/2014/7-3/involve-v7-n3-p04-s.pdf

Callender, H. L. 2014. Keys to Successful Mentoring of Undergraduate Research Teams with an Emphasis in Applied Mathematics Research. Proceedings of the 6th annual International Symposium on Biomathematics and Ecology Education and Research. Web. 23 April. 2014. http://cas.illinoisstate.edu/ojs/index.php/beer/article/view/796/779

Model Eliciting Activities


Moore, T. J., Roehrig, G. J., Guzey, S. S., Stohlmann, M. S., Park, M. S., Kim, Y. R., Callender, H. L., Teo, H. J. 2015. Changes in Faculty Members’ Instructional Beliefs while Implementing Model-Eliciting Activities. J. Eng. Educ. 104(3) 279-302. http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/jee.20081/pdf

*undergraduate student